Providing Solutions

Providing solutions with top-notch technological advice, research, and resources.

Building Communities

Working with people and communities who are challenged by problems and providing solutions that could bring a foundational level change.

Connecting Startups

Connecting multiple startups and enterprises to work together in order to solve problems by quickest, most efficient and least cost possible.

Equipping Governments

Equipping governments with disruptive technologies in order to improve service delivery and governance.

Awal – Development, and Transformation – U.S

Awal is a transformation agency that works for delivering initiatives of its own and provides a platform for other startups and organizations to make an impact around the world. Awal provides technical solutions, builds communities, connects startups and equips governments to make a positive impact in the world.

ITRCA – Technology Innovation and Research – Global

ITRCA is the premier technology research initiative for Afghanistan made of intellectuals and academics from around the globe. The group focuses on research that prevents ICT downfalls and spurs innovation and sustainability. ITRCA has published high-end publications and has conducted many round-panel discussions on Afghanistan.

ASEEL – E-Commerce – Global

ASEEL is your universal gateway to the most original products from the farthest areas of the world for what your house and what you wear.  ASEEL aims to open the door of Afghan products internationally soon and is expanding rapidly to accommodate original products from other countries as well. ASEEL will be launched in IOS and Android soon.