Campaign Manager

About the Company

Awal is an international development company harnessing technology and innovation to improve the lives of those in underdeveloped or underrepresented countries. ASEEL is one of the projects of Awal. ASEEL is an e-commerce platform available as website and mobile apps to connect artisans from underdeveloped countries to the global markets. We were founded based on the belief that development projects need to be faster, smarter, and innovative when it comes to creating a positive impact on people, communities, and nations. Afghanistan is our first country of operation and our current mission is to create 10,000 Jobs in Afghanistan’s handmade sector through supporting and empowering Afghan artisans.

We are not satisfied with slow and conventional growth models and techniques, used by more traditional development firms. We are a young and diverse team; our team is comprised of young professionals with experience in international development, system engineering, application development, data science and analytics, products sales and management, business and finance sectors, and digital e-commerce. We are a global team; our headquarters is in Kabul, Afghanistan, but we have team members in the US, UK, Australia, Norway, and other places. We are a driven and passionate company; all our members are committed to making positive impacts on international development using technology-based systems.

We think big as we take lessons learned from our team members’ combined decades of experience and previous projects to bridge the gap between the fast-paced technology sectors and the impact-driven international development world. We partner with government entities, private companies, non-government organizations, and international organizations. Our team members thrive in a fast-paced, impact-driven, and truly diverse and collaborative workplace. The ideal candidates to join our team not only meet the basic requirements for the position, but are willing to learn, collaborate, and expand their areas of responsibility and expertise as the team needs.

We partner with government entities, private companies, non-government organizations, and international organizations. Our team members thrive in a fast-paced, impact-driven, and truly diverse and collaborative workplace.

About the Position

ASEEL is looking for a campaign manager who can develop and execute the campaign, supervise all the team members and give them guidance on well running the campaigns. The person will be responsible for creating different campaigns for the company by finding the fundraiser for them and coordinate with the marketing team to advertise and support all the operations related to the specific campaign.

Please see the below list for an initial idea of the areas of responsibility that will be expected of anyone who fills this vacancy.

Responsibilities of a Campaign Manager

  • Supervise the execution, monitoring and measurement of fundraising campaigns and their success
  • Ensure campaign implementation follows organizational guidelines
  • Compile regular reports of campaign performance and results
  • Improve new campaigns using data and feedback from existing and previous campaigns
  • Work within a budget and report any overspend
  • Take responsibility for the organization of campaigns
  • Creating a strong network with volunteers for campaigns
  • Getting engaged with the organizer and to do viral marketing
  • Following up on the beneficiaries, distributions guidelines and update the organizers.
  • Following up on the status of the campaigns.
  • Partnership Development. Develop, communication channels & processes to attract new partners
  • Manage the on-line platform and enhance & manage all aspects of the supporter engagement journey
  • Provide support on behalf of co-staff members.
  • Strong IT Skills Required.
  • Travel in case necessary to provinces.

Qualification of the campaign manger

  • Has earned a bachelor degree in Economy, Marketing or communications or other related fields with at least two year of experience in managing different campaigns.
  • Excellent Written and Verbal Communication in English and local languages.
  • Exceptional communication and project management skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of running B2B and B2C campaigns.
  • Ability to manage several marketing campaigns simultaneously
  • A good understanding of current marketing trends
  • Strong communication skills with customers and beneficiaries.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented, multicultural and diverse team to function effectively as a member of various group
  • Manage multitasks simultaneously, fast learner person, highly creative, driven individual who can work on their own.
  • Can thrive in a fast-paced extensive environment.

Subject: Compaign Manager 

Submission Email: [email protected]

Salary range: According to the organization scale

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