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Job Summary :

Awal is looking for a Magento Developer who will be a member of the System development team at Awal Development and Transformation. Magento Developer will be responsible for Building and configuring Manageto 2x in e-commerce website and would work closely with the System development department. The Magento developer is expected to develop Magento modules in PHP using best practices. Awal is striving to promote its platforms nationally and internationally and the Magento developer will do all necessary Designing for our platforms.

Please see the below list for an initial idea in the areas of responsibilities that will be expected of anyone who fills this vacancy.

Responsibilities of a Magento Developer

Meeting with the design team to discuss the needs of the customers.
Building and configuring Magento 2x e-commerce websites.
Designing and coding the Magento templates, themes, and interfaces.
Developing Magento modules in PHP using best practices.
Setting performance tasks and goals.
Troubleshooting integration issues.
Updating website features and security patches.
Participate with other developers in the team in daily scrum meetings and occasional brainstorming/decision-making.
Assistance with server infrastructure configuration, third-party software, debugs tools, DB replication, and security scans, etc.
Deployment project to real (customer) environment.
Ability to work with a diverse team.

Qualifications of Magento Developer for AWAL LLC

AWAL is a global business with a startup model and an institutional mindset. We hold our entire team to exceedingly high standards of work and output. If hired to fill this position, you will be expected to not only meet the terms of your contract but take ownership of your position and learn where you can take initiative.

We also adhere to internationally recognized standards of hiring centered on non-discrimination and merit-based hiring procedures. We will judge each and every candidate solely based on how their resumes and interview results resonate with the position requirements and scope of work; we do not discriminate against potential candidates based on their race, nationality, gender, or any other aspects of identity. Below are the qualifications for this Social media Associate vacancy.

Qualifications of a Magento Developer

Have earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer science with one year of experience related to web development in PHP.
Advanced knowledge of Magento, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, and MySQL.
Experience with complete e-commerce lifecycle development.
Understanding of modern UI/UX trends.
Strong attention to detail.
Ability to project-manages and works to strict deadlines.
Ability to work in a team environment.
Strong object-oriented programming knowledge.

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