Smarter Systems: How to dramatically reduce corruption in fuel consumption?

Overspending on fuel consumption is not rare in institutions that do not have a modern system to track them down.
This overspending is usually the result of the growing corruption among most truck drivers, particularly departments that handle the collection and disposal of heavy equipment.
In a specific instance with a client in Kabul, Afghanistan the usage of simple technology such as GPS could transform the operations of the institution and its fleet.
The system includes a server that receives electronic daily reports directly from each GPS device tracking the daily operations of each service vehicle. There is also a GPS Monitoring Center to oversee and control the day-to-day operations of every one of their respective service trucks and find any discrepancies. 
GPS technology is not a technology that is hard to maintain; it’s rather very easy to use technology for monitoring purposes.
The institution that we looked into invested 159 Thousand USD at the time and within the first year of its implementation saved more than 5.6 Million USD from different departments in saving and removing corruption in the organization.
The below is an example of fuel consumption reduction in one of the departments of the organization.  
Read More: To get to know more about the technology that is used and get insight into the above discussed implemented case read the report here.

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