AWAL2018 – NOV 24, 2018

First: AWAL2018

On November 24, 2018, the first of the series of AWAL Development conferences was held in Kabul, Afghanistan where AWAL was announced, the usage of technology and innovation for development was discussed and the stage was given to experts and representatives from the government, civil society, academia, and the private sector. This conference will be held on a yearly basis to bring together bright people from different technical areas to discuss how they will pitch into the development of their countries and the rest of the world. 

Location: Queens Palace, Babur Gardens, Kabul.

Laid out by the Mughal ruler Babur in the early 16th century, and the site of his tomb, the gardens are the loveliest spot in Kabul.  The garden was used as a pleasure spot by repeated Mughal rulers but fell into disrepair after the dynasty lost control of Kabul. Above this, there’s a delicate white marble mosque built-in 1647 by Shah Jahan, who commissioned the Taj Mahal. While on a much smaller scale, the similarities in style are evident in the clean carving of the stone. Overlooking the whole of the garden from the top terrace is Babur’s tomb, inside a simple enclosure.

Key Solutions Presented

ASEEL | Getting Local Artisans to International Markets, Khalid Wardak

The first Major announcement of AWAL2018 was the ASEEL Mobile app that provides an interface and supply chain to local Afghan products to be shipped and sold globally.Visit the ASEEL App Website

ITRCA | Scientific Research is the foremost needed tool for the ICT Sector, Nasratullah Ghafoori

AWAL Supported Innovation and Technology Research Center for Afghanistan (ITRCA) provided insight that in order for actual innovation and technology results, Afghanistan needs to invest in scientific research. Nasratullah also highlighted the progress and significant impact that ITRCA has had in Afghanistan. Visit ITRCA12345


‘The Afghan Government has said it before and says it again that we will support AWAL (and other private sector firms)’

Shahzad Aryobee, Minister of Communications and IT, Afghanistan123

Signing Ceremony

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