Training tomorrow’s leaders today

We believe in giving talented young people opportunities to contribute to globally impactful projects, experiences of solving complex challenges, and to become a better version of themselves. 

Awal’s Junior Professional Program (JP) hires gifted or grit-driven talented young professionals (usually around the ages of 16-27) from a diverse set of fields such as supply chain analysts, product managers, content creators, data scientists, developers, strategists, and so on. 

All JPs are given a 2-year contract to work on a specific area that the person has already explored. The first year of the program is an extensive learning experience and the rest of the time is spent on working between different departments within the area of interest to prepare the young professional for an extraordinary change-maker and enriching career with AWAL in an open/changing capacity. The program prepares youth in the first year to become an expert in an area to succeed. The JP will work in an extensive startup environment that relies on quick turnaround, heavy learning, self-discipline, and portability.

Excellent written and verbal English Communication, Demonstrated ability and interest in a technical field or an idea, Good understanding of Math, Computer sciences, and/or innovation/technology. 

Locations and compensation: 
Kabul, DC, London, and anywhere with good connectivity – Compensation depends on the capacity and the role of the JP by the second year. 

Process and Vacancies:
At current capacity (2021) we are adding 50 Junior Professionals to the AWAL family. From our first 2 batches, we have had a 40% retention rate and the first 10 JPs were selected out of 350 serious applicants. 

To be considered for the JP program, please use the below form, we contact a batch of candidates every month for follow-up tests and interviews. 

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